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LeetCode #1812 ; Determine Color of a Chessboard Square

In 1989 the Russian Researcher Boris Ryabko has invented the Binary Index Tree Data Structure; Today this invention is utilized by large-scale systems to efficiently and correctly range sum matrices, as well as to challenge candidates in programming interviews. In the following post, I demystify this ingenious invention and interview the inventor about the inspiration for this creative idea.

Concise Glossary for Real-Life Applicable Trees and When to Use Them

The Mysterious Decoded File

Wizard Coder Series, Part 1

1. More Itertools

Level 1

The Exclusive Foobar Popup Invite

Example for large scale-project: the client sends snapshots to the server, which publishes the client’s snapshots to parsers. Parser results are published to savers that take the results and save them to a database.

How can we replace message-queue implementation in large-scale projects with ease?

Photo by Viktor Laszlo taken from Pixabay

Converting 4.5 million records into insights and predictions

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